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We recommend you Astra, Sigma, Delta, Astrigma, Omega or Upsilon for your workshop or showroom.

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You want to work in all comfort. You want a thrustworthy partner. You look for security and creativity. We can offer the solution.

From temporary constructions to permanent sites. From a standard building to a personalized project. Frisomat offers the solution. Different levels of insulation to meet your needs. From industrial workshops to state-of-the-art showrooms. We build your project.

Frisomat specializes in prefabricated industrial buildings made of cold rolled galvanized steel. Industrial workshops, supply rooms, car shops, showrooms, industrial buildings for maintenance of machinery. We build it for you.

Choosing a Frisomat is choosing for security. Why?

  • A detailed offer. A fixed price, no surprises when the construction starts.
  • Short delivery periods. We guarantee a fast delivery and construction. How? Thanks to the integrated Frisomat chain.
  • High quality & long lifetime. The galvanized cold rolled steel elements make sure of it.
  • Trust. Over 30years of experience. Over 20.000 references worldwide.
  • Peace of mind. Frisomat doesn't depend on third parties. We control the whole process and quality.

Depending on local requirements and regulations, various concepts can be used. For more info, don't hesitate to contact us.

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