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Industrial buildings - concept


At Frisomat, all good things don't come in 3's, they come in 2's.

Innovative steel constructions!
It only takes 2
to assemble a Frisomat industrial building. Two trained Frisomat technicians with the same skills, training and material. Subcontractors or third parties are kept out of the loop. How? Easy. Thanks to the innovative use of cold rolled galvanized steel. The result? Lightweight yet extremely robust materials, joined together as a giant meccano-kit.

Tailor made innovative steel constructions!
Every Frisomat building has 2 sides. All industrial buildings are built from innovative standard, prefabricated parts and profiles. With plenty of room for personalization. All parts can be combined. The result? Almost limitless possibilities.

Personal innovative steel constructions!
The same rule of 2 goes for the communication. All contact between Frisomat and its customers are channeled through a single, dedicated contact. He or she guides you all the way. From design to construction you know who to talk to!

Doing everything ourselves has another advantage. We provide you with a detailed and correct offer. No surprises. The final cost is known in advance. We guarantee it.

Thanks to the integrated development and production chain, Frisomat offers you peace of mind. A comfortable thought.

Your advantages?

  • No surprises
  • No heavy machinery
  • No dependency
  • A detailed, correct and fixed price
  • Short delivery periods
  • Peace of mind

Industrial building - Assembly
Industrial building - Assembly
Industrial building - Assembly

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