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Delta   Sigma   Astrigma
Delta   Sigma   Astrigma
Astra   Ceptra   Flatro
Astra   Ceptra   Flatro
Flatrigma   Omega   Upsilon
Flatrigma   Omega   Upsilon


Every product meets a certain need. Thanks to 30 years of innovation Frisomat offers 8 standardized, modular concepts. This concept-strategy guarantees a high level of flexibility. The result? Your possibilities are almost endless.

Industrial buildings, industrial hangars, storage room, airplane hangars, agricultural sheds, showrooms, office buildings, riding schools or riding arenas, the prefabricated industrial buildings from Frisomat suit the job. Versatile industrial buildings built to last. Innovative steel constructions.

Continuous innovation, continuous evolution.

Every concept can be equipped with a broad selection of insulations and accessories. Making your choice has never been easier. Depending on the use, the level of insulation, local requirements and the desired dimensions we propose you one of the following concepts:

  • Delta: unbeatable price/m² for relocatable traditional hangar (straight sides, gable roof with roof pitch 22°)
  • Sigma: advantageous traditional industrial building, gable roof with roof pitch 22°
  • Astrigma: the ideal partner for medium free spans and heights, gable roof with roof pitch 10°
  • Astra: the ideal partner for large dimensions and medium wind- and snow loads, gable roof with roof pitch 10°
  • Ceptra: the ideal partner for large dimensions and high wind- and snow loads, gable roof with roof pitch 10°
  • Flatro: your ideal partner for large spans with a flat roof
  • Omega: easy to relocate, unbeatable price/m²
  • Upsilon: straight side hangar with curved roof at a low cost
  • Special projects: unique projects using Frisomat expertise
  • Mezzanine: redefining interior space in your Frisomat Building

Innovative space with a highly personalized touch. Our specialty.

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