Frisomat - In Congo-Brazzaville : 100.000m² of pre-engineered steel buildings
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In Congo-Brazzaville : 100.000m² of pre-engineered steel buildings

Discover this video where we are forced to talk in superlatives. 
The biggest project in the history of Frisomat. The largest hangar ever built in Africa. The maximum thickness of sandwich panels (200mm!)…
100.000m² in Congo-Brazzaville for the Brazilian company Asperbras. In this video: an overview of the project, an interview with the management of Asprebras, an exclusive tour of the construction site by the Project Leader. Enjoy the video !
Large scale redefined
100.000m² of pre-engineered steel buildings. It’s not easy to imagine how big 100.000m² actually is. Well… we can tell you, it’s big. 
To give a more clear idea of how big 100.000m² is, it corresponds to 20 soccer fields.
Frisomat has built major industrial projects before, but this one is unique. A tour de force to ship 89 containers 10.000km from the production hangar. The modular building system allows us to easily ship such a project overseas.
congo brazzaville steel building africa
16 industrial units
This massive project in Congo-Brazzaville consists of 16 industrial units, where each hangar has it’s specific use. There are cold storage rooms, workshopsproduction factorieswarehousesshops and showrooms, etc…
Most of the buildings are coupled, which totals up to 34 buildings. 
In total, 89 containers have left the Belgian production production facility of Frisomat. A few weeks later, the containers arrived in Western Africa. Pedro Salgado, Project Leader for Asperbras, testifies in the video the quick assembly of the steel hangars. One of the single biggest advantages when working with the pre-engineered Frisomat concept. Compared to other building suppliers, the Frisomat system is by far the quickest to assembly.
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Employment for the local population
The 16 industrial buildings are located near the Congo River, some 75km east of Congo-Brazzaville. This Frisomat project fits in a much larger project, the development of Industrial and Commercial Center of Maloukou/Mandiélé. 
By the end of 2013, the entire project will be up and running. When finished, more than 1.000 Congolese people will work at the Center. It’s fair to say that, economically wise, it does a lot of good to the region of Congo-Brazzaville.
industrial building pre-engineered hangar
A custom solution for each use
16 industrial buildings in one single project. Also for Frisomat it was a challenge. Since each building has its specific application, Asperbras has opted for several building types. Astra for the warehouses and production facilities, Ceptra for the cold storage hall and Astrigma for the shops & showrooms.
There will be production hangars for PVC tubes, electrical cables, metal sheets, ceramic tiles etc… All hangars are insulated with 60mm glass wool to guarantee comfortable temperatures inside.
pre-engineered steel building industrial congo africa
Inside -30°C, Outside 45°C
But the star of this building project is a 6.000m² Ceptra which will serve as a cold storage hangar. Insulated with 200mm (!) sandwich panels in the roof and wall, inside temperatures will go until -30°C while the outside temperature is 45°C. 
Dimensions of the cold storage hangar are 40m wide, 140m long and 11m high. It’s the widest, highest and largest Frisomat building in Africa. A truly great achievement we’re very proud of.
steel building frame structure industrial congo brazzaville
steel structure hangar pre-engineered congo africa


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