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Build your storage space within budget and on schedule

  • Are you considering building a storage depot, storage hangar or warehouse?
  • Or maybe a warehouse with living quarters?
  • While running your business as normal?
  • As a constructor of industrial buildings, we can coordinate everything for you.
  • In consultation with you, the developer, the architect and the consultants.
  • This means you get the business facility you want, built within budget and on time.

While your business is booming. How do you find a warehouse constructor who can do that? Frisomat is your one-stop integrator when it comes to building warehouses.

We build warehouses on every continent

“If you are expanding your business site abroad, then Frisomat can build storage spaces anywhere in the world. Like a storage facility covering 5,200 m2 in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of the Congo.”

Your storage building: set the bar high!

You want a warehouse constructor who delivers quickly and operates safely. Someone who can build facilities of any size, drawing on their years of experience in industrial construction. Someone who will fit in with your business and operating procedures. So, where do you start? Ask yourself three crucial questions;

Do you want to hire or build your storage space?

Imagine that your business is developing at such a rate that you need more space. A new storage depot, for example, or a storage hangar or a warehouse. You can hire that kind of industrial building. Or you can have it built for you.

A purpose-built warehouse is often the most interesting option; simply because it is on your own business premises. Or a warehouse with living quarters might be your first choice, if you want to be on the spot all the time. We don’t build residential properties ourselves, but we are happy to put you in touch with people who specialise in that area.

Which constructor should you choose for your industrial building?

Three things are required to build a storage depot, canopy or storage area: space, budget and time. As an industrial company, you have the first two covered. But what about finding the time to build a warehouse? That’s a different matter.

Frisomat can handle all the coordination for you. We listen to what you want, give a quotation to build your warehouse, and coordinate the warehouse construction process with designers, architects and consultants.

How do you build storage space on schedule?

Erecting an industrial building – from a simple depot or a ventilated storage area to a storage facility with integrated office space – has to be done to a strict schedule. After all, time is money for you.

You have to be able to use your hangar, depot or distribution area exactly when you specify, otherwise you will lose both business and money. At Frisomat, we understand that. And that is why we stick to the planned schedule and the budget provided with the utmost respect.

Why use Frisomat to build your storage space?

    • Less

Frisomat is about less. We design, build and assemble your storage facility, depot or warehouse as intelligently as possible. With less steel, less manpower, less transport – and in less time.

    • More

Less results in more. More speed, more quality, more stability. Our industrial buildings, storage depots and storage facilities stand the test of time.

    • Most

With Frisomat, you are the one who gets the most. Including unbeatable value for money for your warehouse, storage depot or storage hangar.

Versatile constructor of industrial buildings

Hundreds of businesses around the world call on Frisomat to construct their halls and warehouses. As a result, we have built up an enormous amount of knowledge about the priorities of industrial companies when it comes to industrial construction.

Get in touch with us if you are planning the construction of a wide range of industral buildings:  warehouses, production halls and showrooms & workshops. Are you looking for an innovative construction for the chemical industry, well-ventilated buildings for reclycling centers, a canopy for bulk storage? Or you you want to pamper your aircraft with an aircrafthangar? We can erect any type of industrial building for you, even temporary buildings.

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